A moment with Mohammed Ibrahim Yassin – Sudan Outreach Trainee


Dr Mohammed is an OB/GYN from Sudan. He joined the Outreach training program three years ago, and is very grateful for the opportunity.

As he notes, ‘before the training we used to do a very classic and routine ultrasound for detecting measurements, and where the baby is lying.’ After attending 3 Outreach sessions, which focus on anomaly detection, Mohammed says, ‘everything is becoming clear. [There are] so many things we can detect and safeguard against [now].’

As he himself has seen, ‘The training was very helpful. This has helped us to detect more than 60-75% of conditions we didn’t know before. We are very happy that when we go back we can do a proper scan, a documented scan. And we can help and tell everything to the pregnant lady so that things can be transferred early.’

Now, Mohammed says, ‘If I find a problem with the baby, I will transfer her with enough time so another body who is specialised in this disease can look after her.’

‘It is very important because it helps very much in detecting so many problems in pregnancy that if not detected it can lead to maternal morbidity and even maternal mortality. And even so it is good in decreasing the maternal mortality in our country.’

ISUOG Outreach’s vision is to reduce maternal mortality by supporting ultrasound practitioners like Mohammed to become competent and confident. Want to be a part of this vision? You can do so by donating to the program or volunteering with us on our next trip.


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