Day 6: Oman Outreach – Reflections on the past two years

By Terri Harris 

After two years, the final trip for Phase I of the Outreach program in Oman was finalised. It was hard for the trainers to say goodbye to the trainees which they had taught so passionately over the past three trips. However, it was now the role of five selected trainees to take the baton and continue training doctors across Oman.


In acknowledgement of the training course and its progress, we spoke with two trainees to discuss their experience of the Outreach course. Hajar Al-Bulushi (Medical Officer) and Dr Najla Shabibi (Medical Officer), talk below about what they have learnt over the past two years.


‘Definitely I have learnt a lot’ Hajar told us. ‘I have enjoyed the lectures, I have enjoyed the practical part, and how it was organised. This definitely will add to my future career, and ultrasound technique. And, I will have definitely improved after this Outreach program!’

For Najla, the best part was meeting the trainers. ‘I enjoyed meeting experts from different countries, and learning too much about ultrasound and the physics, how to use the knobology of the ultrasound, doing anatomy and early gestation. I learned too much from the ISUOG program!’

Both Hajar and Najla noted the tireless efforts of the trainers. For Hajar her connection with her trainer was vital. ‘Even when we go back to our region, we were in contact all the year with our groups and instructors. Our instructor keeps pushing us, encouraging us, reviewing our images, so we are in contact actually. We are not away from the Outreach program. We are in 24 hour contact with our trainers – they are always available and supportive!’

Najla see’s real importance in what she has learnt, for her community outside of Muscat. ‘In the periphery a lot of doctors aren’t well trained, so we will share that knowledge which we have learned. This will improve not only our health centre and hospital, but so that other hospitals get benefit too. Mothers will benefit of course, because they will go to the right person with the right answer.’

For both the course offered a new way of exploring their medical practice. And, as Hajar put it: ”We became in love with the ultrasound machine, and its different knobs!’


As we say Goodbye to Muscat, we say a huge thank-you to the Ministry of Health, the Outreach Trainer team and the trainees themselves. The success would not have been possible without the hard-work and commitment of the above individuals. We look forward to seeing the trainers take ownership of this program, and teach others in their regions!


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