The last day in Myanmar

By Philippe Jeanty 

We finished the course by giving the rest of the lectures on the program. As we had a little extra time we played “DJ lectures” and asked the audience what else they wanted covered and we had one extra lecture in Doppler, sonohystero, cardiac and pelvic masses. This is the good side of having well rounded speakers that have their own lectures to contribute.

As usual the students feel more comfortable by the end of the course and their scanning improves.20190109_114956.jpg

We did an short add on course in another city, Mandalay which was just a morning course and afternoon scanning. The machines were simpler with not even Doppler, but that is the real life that the majority of student face. Only 1-2 actually have color Doppler and not much more have pulsed Doppler. Healthcare is free in Myanmar but doctors don’t seem to have much recourse to get the equipment they want.

At the end of the course David gave to each participant a t-shirt or hat with the logo of a New York sport team. They were happy 😊

We had a big distribution of diplomas and a group photograph, then we left with many hugs and promises to keep in touch.

In the evening or favorite place to hangout was the Chinese street with all its tempting street food. Cheap tasty and quite exotic for us: fried crickets anyone? Another pearl for anyone who wish to travel, I included a sign indicating the men’s bathroom 😂, an indication that very very few foreigners visit the hospitals we go to!

20190107_182612.jpgThanks again to the speakers, Pr Gwan Jun Kim, Dr David Berck, and Dr Federico Badano who generously have their time and expertise. Thanks to the faculty of the Yangon Maternity hospital for their dedication to make everything run smooth and to all the students who came from far away by bus and train to further their knowledge. Thanks finally to the 2 corporate sponsors, Mindray and Concordia for their support and their wonderful team.

One more course done and another group of enthusiastic young people to carry the torch!


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