Day 4: Oman Outreach – Simulation and the Souk!

By Divyah Singh


Another bright shining morning in Oman began with swapping of trainers of the groups. This gave us an opportunity to assess the trainees from a different perspective. The trainees are now very inquisitive with lots of queries regarding how to image certain planes and the details of structures seen in them. This is because they understand ultrasound better and are eager to sharpen their skills. It is good to see that they have an understanding of the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in terms of images and we, trainers, feel like proud parents whose children have become worldly wise. Like all kids, they are not alike, some are ready for the next plunge, others need some more nurturing. What is heart-warming, is their enthusiasm to do better.


Dr Valeria presenting ultrasound in labour 

In the afternoon, I did a recap of the yesterday’s lectures on morbidly adherent placenta and ectopic pregnancy in which problems of the mum took center stage. I also tried to highlight the immense importance of image optimization by playing with a few knobs so that they could get maximum yield from equipments in their health facilities. This was followed by a lecture on assessment of the cervix by Nimrah with a video demonstration. Valeria presented the novel use of ultrasound in labour and Pauline had an interactive question and answer session on gestational age assessment. The trainees, Dr Sada and Dr Rashida also presented interesting cases of persistent left superior vena cava and small bowel obstruction respectively. They had put in diligent efforts to get the postnatal outcomes.


The Outreach Team enjoying dinner 

It was a long academic day but time flew by so fast that it was soon time to enjoy an Omani evening in the vibrance of the Muscat Souk.

Looking forward to tomorrow!


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