A moment with Dr. Ahmed Abdelkarim– Sudan Outreach Trainee


Dr Ahmed sees the ISUOG training as of great importance to himself and his patients. As he notes, ‘it is very important to have obstetricians who are working in developing countries such as Sudan, to be very familiar and well trained, as this will be directly reflected on the patient by reducing maternal mortality.’

Having been a part of the ISUOG training for the past two years he has noticed an improvement in his identification of high risk pregnancies. As he reflects, ‘before the training obstetricians were doing ultrasound but really and honestly not in the proper way. Now we know how to do it in a systematic proper way, with a good result and good measurements and appropriate findings.’

From this systematic approach Ahmed has seen great successes. As he notes, ‘if we have critical case such as a ruptured ectopic pregnancy with early diagnosis this is much safer for the patient. This is much safer for the babies with anomalies, chromosomal abnormalities and so on. This will make early detection and proper treatment and neonatal care and, better neonatal outcomes.’

So how did the ISUOG Outreach training support Ahmed? Well as Ahmed himself notes ‘my skills have improved too, too much.’ Through the Outreach curriculum’s integration of practical and theoretical Ahmed feels he has been supported to grow his ultrasound skills. As he says, ‘all the training, each part is integrated into other parts and are all very complimentary. The sessions on hand training are very beneficial and practical, the lectures are also very rich with a lot of knowledge and directly reflected in the practical skills.’

Identification is at the heart of the ISUOG Outreach curriculum. If you want to support trainees in learning key skills for identification you can do so by donating or volunteering with us.



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