Sudan Outreach Program – Day 3: Making Success Behind the Scenes

By Professor Hisham Mirghani
Today was our third day of the last visit of Phase I of the Sudan ISUOG Outreach Program. We all miss Gesu and Dr. Reem as they were unable to be with us for this visit. Both were a driving force for this project. We wish them all the best.
We all feel proud, both tutors and trainees, of the impact this training program has made to the health service in the province of Kordofan. The trainees will stop us during the day to tell us how the training they had has affected their practice and skills in ultrasound examination. Most started the program with no or minimal experience. You can only feel proud to see them navigating with the ultrasound probe through the fetal anatomy. A taste of success!
Today one of the trainees, Dr. Ahmed Amin, presented a case he saw the night before of an ectopic pregnancy that he diagnosed by ultrasound and had immediate surgery. Otherwise, the management would have been delayed with increased risk to the mother’s life and health. A good example of the impact of outreach training program.
There are number of individuals who are working hard behind the scene to make this success. Dr. Abdalla Al Faki, the minister of Health of state of North Kordofan, has shown huge support for the program. He believes that it will reduce maternal morbidity and mortality in his state. He regularly comes to the training sessions and the lectures to attend and encourage the trainees to make the maximum of the program.
IMG_0280 (1).jpg
Dr. Khidir Al Amin, the co-ordinator for Sudan Outreach project, has been a pillar for the program from the first day. His efforts paved the way for this project in Sudan. As a senior obstetrician and a faculty member of the University of Kordofan, he strongly believes that healthcare providers caring for women wellbeing and pregnancy should have proper structured training. He always welcomes us with a big smile, always willing to help whenever a problem rises.
There is also Ms. Hala Al Said, from the Sudan Family Planning Association where the theoretical and practical sessions take place. Another dedicated individual working behind the scene. She works hard to ensure that the center is ready to accommodate all of us. Rooms are cleaned, pregnant women are recruited for the training sessions, and meals and water are made available for all the trainees and trainers. She does all this in a calm and friendly manner.


Ms. Amani Abdelrazig and Mr. Souhaib from SALAMAT a charity organization registered in UK & Sudan. They organize the accommodation, travel, transport of ISUOG team in Sudan. They are with us in every step we take since we arrive to Sudan.
Finally, the success of this course was not possible without the participation and kindness of the pregnant women from Al Obeid who agreed to take part in our outreach training program. Without them none of this would have been possible.

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