Sudan Outreach – Day 2: Tips and Successes

by Dr. Sami Mahmoud Abdelkhair

The second day of training went smoothly and was very fruitful for the trainees. We started the second day of training at 8:30 with a short presentation by Dr. Angela providing the candidate with some tips to help them make their scanning quicker and more efficient.


The group then divided into four, with each group being mentored by either Dr Angela, Dr Sami, Professor Hisham or Ms Yasmin. Within these groups they continued to build on their skills, and follow the Phase III Outreach curriculum.


Ms Yasmin Casmod presenting on Gynecologic Sonogrpahy 

The practical curriculum was followed up by two lectures at the end of the day one about uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts presented by Ms Yasmin. The second lecture was about CNS abnormalities presented by Prof. Hisham Mirghani. The trainees were engaged discussing a number of questions, and even presenting some cases which they felt were relevant to the topics.


Dr Ahmed Amin presenting a case to the team. 

As a trainer, I have enjoyed teaching this course. I have noticed how much progress the trainees have made in their knowledge and skills throughout the period of three years. I am sure this training will help Sudanese doctors reduce maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality, by increasing their competency of identification through OB/GYN ultrasound.

IMG_0269 (1)

Dr Sami conducting practical training in El Obeid, Sudan. 


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