Haiti, Hurricanes and High-Spirits

By Lisbet Hanson 

Our team assembled at Augberge Villa Cana on Route 1, the main road leading out of Cap Haïtien to the capital Port au Prince, a 6-hour drive to the south. We had all arrived successfully as planned! Gail came from Africa where she had spent three months as a consultant in ultrasound. Federico came from Argentina where he works as a radiologist. I had skirted Hurricane Florence as I flew in from the USA and Stéphane had flown, rather than drive from Port au Prince where he had spent the previous night on call on a busy L&D ward. We met over dinner to discuss plans for the coming week. We were eager to get started. Even a sudden but brief downpour did not dampen our spirits.


This is our second trip to Cap Haïtien, Haiti. We have 20 trainees. Half are OBGYN residents, half are faculty or community physicians. The format is similar to other outreach trips: lectures in the morning, scanning in the afternoon. We did a quick review of the Six-Step approach including biometry and the basic normal GYN exam. Several of the trainee physicians had bought portable ultrasounds after the training course last year. They were very eager to show off their machines and skills so there was no shortage of machines for the hands on. Dr. Cyril Leconte, Chief of Service of OBGYN at HUJ made sure we had plenty of patients to scan. I was pleased to see that most of the Trainees were very comfortable with the probes and machines. Everyone pitched in, discussing how to improve the image, get a better measurement and answering questions posed by one of us. It was great to reconnect with our colleagues and friends and we especially enjoyed the air conditioning units that had been installed in the exam rooms!



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