ISUOG Graduate Trainees become Trainers in Haiti

Haiti ToT

As ISUOG Outreach returns to Haiti for its second trip, ISUOG is proud to see that trainees are already teaching others the skills they acquired through their previous ISUOG ultrasound training.

In June 2018, Dr. Jonas Eddy, Dr. Millien Christophe, Dr. Saint Loth Waquinn, Dr. Pierre Marie Médor, trained 13 participants in basic OB/GYN ultrasound. The program took place over five days teaching participants theoretical and practical skills on modules such as planes, and basic principles.

During the first day, power point presentations were given on the basic principles of ultrasound and first trimester ultrasound followed by patient practice sessions. The second day was done in the same way with an ultrasound presentation of the second and third trimester. On the third day, gynecological ultrasound followed by practical sessions were presented. The practical sessions were undertaken with patients and revised all the theoretical subjects.

The training was a huge success and was well received by the trainees. At the beginning of the program the trainers provided a pre-test for all participants to compare the progression of their theoretical knowledge. On average participants had an increased test score of 40% after the training was conducted.

The trainers hope to continue training others in Haiti using the ISUOG curriculum and concept – another great win for ultrasounds!




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