The work doesn’t end here: Day Five of Outreach in Oman

After a long and intensive week training in Muscat, Phase I Trip II of the Outreach program in Oman comes to an end. Reflecting on her experience is ISUOG Outreach Trainer, Dr. Valeria Angioni from Estonia who writes today’ closing blog:

“The week went by really quickly and it’s hard to believe today is our last day already.As usual, the day began early with much to complete for this second trip of the Outreach Program at Royal Hospital in Muscat.


Outreach Trainer Dr. Valeria Angioni pictured with Local Project Liaison Dr. Mouza Al Samani (in white lab coat) and with trainees for a selfie

(Image courtesy of V. Angioni for ISUOG Outreach)

Work began promptly 7:30 in the morning where we held lectures on the assessment of long bones and extremities and evaluating the scan findings and decision making. 

After the lectures, we had a short session of hands-on training session to give our trainees the chance to master their skills in the ultrasound – all before it was time to head towards the final evaluation.It’s a moment that gets everyone both excited and a little bit anxious at the same time. The final day is always a hard one for trainers and trainees because it is the time we all need to use in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the work we did together in the past days.

 During the practical assessment, the trainees had the opportunity to demonstrate some new planes which they learned during the week – all before the lunch break anticipated the long-awaited theoretical test that was distributed earlier during the week and that would show how much everyone learned during the time we spent together.

 Once all the assessments where done, we then moved towards one of the most important parts of the whole week, the evaluation of the trainees and the personal feedback.

 The Outreach team also had a chance to discuss on the performance of all the trainees that participated in the program with Dr. Mouza Al Salmani (ISUOG’s Local Project Liaison) and Dr. Fatma al Hinai from the Omani Ministry of Health and to then give personal feedback to each participant.

 This discussion turned out to be particularly useful, since it made possible to discover that some of the trainees didn’t get the same opportunity to have a regular scanning session in between the Trip 1 and Trip 2, which ultimately prevented them to develop their skills to a much higher level.

 Luckily, the Ministry of Health immediately set up a plan to increase the exposure of ultrasound for the junior trainees under the supervision of more senior ones.

 All in all, we had an exciting and challenging week that – once again – and it has seen everyone committed to working as hard as possible to bring this step of the program to completion.


Final picture with Outreach Team, Ministry of Health and several trainees

(Image courtesy of V. Angioni for ISUOG Outreach)

As it happened after Trip 1, all the participants are encouraged to work hard on developing their scanning skills and to prepare the final week of the program by making the most out of our lively and active Whatsapp groups. So as usual, the work is not going to stop tomorrow when our planes will leave Oman and we will return to our home countries.”

Take part with us as we celebrate 10 Years of ISUOG Outreah! Follow our campaign and use the hashtag #OutreachTurns10 to share your experience and what you love about ISUOG Outreach.




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