Day 3: About ultrasound we care! Reflections in Oman

We’re halfway through week two of our Oman program and with the fun comes the slight nostalgia that we’re approaching the end of week two. During this trip, an additional trainer joined the team to accommodate the large number of trainees (30 last time). Reporting from the field is our new addition to the team – Dr. Divya Singh who shares not only her experience of the day but also her newfound experience as a volunteer for Outreach.


“Marhaban! I am Dr Divya Singh from India recounting my experience as a first time ISUOG Outreach trainer in Oman.

The team woke up to another bright sunny morning in Muscat. After a quick breakfast, we were on our way to the Royal Hospital. It is heartening to see the eager faces of the trainees each morning looking forward to the ultrasound feast in store for them.


Dr Divya Singh lecturing to the Oman Trainees (Image courtesy of F. Mates for ISUOG Outreach)


I marvel to see how ISUOG Outreach brings together people from diverse regions and cultures who share a common passion to use ultrasound to improve women’s health outcomes. Different folks, different strokes, one thing we share, about ultrasound we care! It was another eventful day at Hogwarts with our young ultrasound wizards (trainees) flicking their magic wands (ultrasound probes) trying to get their spells (images) correct. Never a dull moment here!


Dr Divya Singh scanning (Image courtesy of D. Singh for ISUOG Outreach)


We had an animated discussion on determination of the fetal abdominal situs using the right-hand thumb rule with zesty participation from the trainees. The evening was made extra special as we had the pleasure of dining with our gracious host Dr. Mouza Al Salmani, ISUOG’s Local Project Liaison in Oman. It was a vast spread of delectable Omani dishes. I finally got to taste the much-acclaimed Arabic bread pudding Umm-e-Ali (please refer to previous blog from Trip 1 Oman for more details). It lived up to its reputation. The Persian zafran (saffron) tea was a nice touch at the end.


The ISUOG Oman Outreach team (Image courtesy of D. Singh for ISUOG Outreach)


Though this day comes to an end here, looking forward to new beginnings, new challenges and more memories of days well spent with the Outreach team and trainees at Oman.”


Inspired to join the team? Apply to become an ISUOG Outreach volunteer today by visiting our website to find out more. Stay tuned as we begin to wrap up Trip 2 in Oman!



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