Rising stars in ultrasound training: Day 3 of Outreach in Ghana

It’s Day 3 of ISUOG Outreach in Kumasi. To change up the scenario a bit and given the large group numbers, six of our trainees conducted training with Local Trainer Dr Buah Hamilton in Manhyia Hospital, which sits right beside the official residence of the Ashanti King, Manhyia Palace (where the team visited early on the week).

If one word could describe this group of trainees, then it’s ownership. Many of the Trainers (both local and international) were very impressed at the ongoing desire to learn from the trainees and the newfound confidence of the new trainers. Some trainees, such as Anita from the Kumasi South group, felt confident enough to even guide the trainees in scanning alongside local Trainer Prince Owusu.

Trainee Anita feeling confident to coach trainees on scanning – clearly a rising star!

Theoretical lectures proceeded practical training, but it was perfect timing for as the Multiple Pregnancy lecture at Kumasi South was given, a twin pregnancy was then detected, heightening excitement among trainees.

As this is the last trip of the ISUOG Ghana Program, it goes without saying the extreme gratitude of both the ISUOG Trainers and trainees have on the presence of GE Healthcare, both with the three donated Voluson machines and the presence of GE Healthcare reps (Ms Tammy Anderson from Trip 1 and 3 and Ms Sarah Stephens from Trip 2). The passion they bring for the technology is apparent and has made such a difference in training.


Images from Kumasi

Stay tuned for more journeys on the field. 

-ISUOG’s International Development Coordinator, Gesù Antonio Báez


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