First day of training in Kumasi with a promising week ahead

With both excitement and melancholy, the ISUOG Outreach Team arrived in Kumasi over the weekend for Phase II, Trip III – the last trip of the Ghana Outreach Program.

The team arrived in Kumasi, which was in full swing as it commemorated the late mother of the Ashanti King – one of the most powerful men in Ghana. With regalia and ceremonies taking place in the streets, the team was invited to Manhyia Palace to pay homage to the king and their respects to the royal family. The team was received graciously by the King’s wife, Lady Julia, who took complete delight as ISUOG Outreach Trainer Dr Theodora Pepera-Hibbert explained to her about the program ISUOG has been implementing in Kumasi since 2011.

After a memorable night, the team kicked off the program by meeting with the trainees who are being empowered as Local Trainers (Abekah Adam Jonah, Bernice Nsobilla, Osei Bonsu Sarpong, Albert Adu, Prine Owusu, Yusuf Yacub and Buah Hamilton). Thirty-four trainers from across the Ashanti Region were present at Kumasi South Hospital for the first day, with lectures given by both the local trainers and ISUOG team members. The introductory slides were given by Dr Pepera who – following the end of the program – will serve as Special Representative for ISUOG Outreach in Ghana following program’s end, with subsequent talks from Project Lead Dr Anthony Johnson, ISUOG Volunteer Dr Janet Horenstein and GE Healthcare’s representative Tammy Anderson.

The day consisted of a full day lecture with the aim of the ISUOG group to observe and understand how the local trainees engage. They were pleasantly surprised with how naturally Adam Abekkah and Bernice Nsobilla gave their respective lectures (Fetal Biometry and the Six Step Approach) with such ease, confidence and a good dose of charisma. Prince Owusu was particularly wonderful during the live scan with the donated GE Voluson S6 (which GE Donated back in 2015) and the natural skill he exhibited in teaching.

It was a long day for the trainers, but with a promising week ahead, the reward in seeing the new trainees so empowered and confident will be the real motivator for the rest of the week.


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