Enthusiasm for training and a trip to Lake Rahad on day 3 in Sudan

It’s day three of ISUOG Outreach in Sudan and days filled with lectures, hands-on training and famed jabana coffee are underway! Blogging on her experience is ISUOG Outreach Volunteer, Ms. Yasmin Casmod from South Africa, who writes:

“Today is the third day of the Outreach training program in Sudan.

As day three begins, we are halfway through the training and discuss the logistics for the day over breakfast. The day kicked off with a lecture by the team leader Prof Hisham Mirghani, followed by a lecture by Dr Sami Mahmoud, one of Sudan’s own.

Each group had an average of seven trainees and the practical sessions began with a specific focus on the intracranial anatomy, along with a revision of what has been covered thus far. Trainees are eager and enthusiastic to learn. It is certainly an honor and privilege to share knowledge and skills with professionals that are so motivated.


Dr Sami Mahmoud teaching trainees

After the lunch break, practical sessions continued and the day ended off with a lecture on distinguishing between normal and abnormal appearances of the urinary tract.

We finished the day with a trip to the beautiful Lake Rahad and a delicious meal as well as the famous Jabanah coffee on the banks of lake.


Trip to Lake Rahad

It is certainly rewarding to see tremendous growth and eagerness from all of the trainees and we look forward to continuous engagement and education.

-Ms. Yasmin Casmod


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