Gratitude for ISUOG ultrasound training

Trainee Adam Abekkah and selfie with Sarah Stephens and the training midwives in Old Tafo
Image courtesy of G.A Baez for ISUOG Outreach

For day 3 we’re following Dr Janet Horenstein and Dr Theodora Pepera-Hibbert training the group at Old Tafo.  Dr Pepera started the day with a review of gynecological scan techniques which carried on into conducting transvaginal scans during a good portion of the day. The strongest of the group, Adams Abekkah, even began training the other trainees (under the watchful eye of Dr Horenstein). The Old Tafo clinic was lined with patients. About 20 were scanned today, which gave plenty of opportunity to practice for the group!

Midway through the training, the chief clinical director paid a visit to the team and expressed his gratitude to ISUOG and the training being given in Kumasi. He explained seeing a notable difference in the quality of mothers lives in the region and the accuracy of diagnosis thanks to the ultrasound training skills. Needless to say, such mention surely made the team beam with pride!

Training gynecological scan techniques
Image courtesy of G.A Baez for ISUOG Outreach

Follow us as we continue to report from the forks.


One response to “Gratitude for ISUOG ultrasound training

  1. mark ayimbara

    I’m a sonographer from Ghana de upper east region.
    I’m interested in de programs esespecially
    obts n gyn so pls help me.
    Prince owusu is ma mate.

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