Improving practical scanning skills in Ghana

GE Healthcare’s Sarah Stephens teaching machine optimizing and practical sessions at South Kumasi Hospital
Image courtesy of G.A Baez for ISUOG Outreach

Day two of Phase II Trip 2 in Kumasi, Ghana kicked off and we’re now following the training group in Kumasi South Hospital for another day of ultrasound training. GE Healthcare’s Sarah Stephens met with the group today to give a lecture to better optimize their skills on the GE Voluson machines that were donated to the program a year ago. Some tips or “pearls” she shared with the team included how to make the image blacker or whiter in order to achieve a sharper image when scanning.

Most of the patients seen were in their third trimester and there was even one with multiple pregnancy with fetuses that moved constantly making it difficult for the scanners (but good practice!). The team was stronger today, measuring femur length quickly and confidently with sonographer Prince Owusu even leading on training other trainees on a few scanning skills.

Meanwhile in the other sites, some highlights included the Suntreso group with Dr Theodora Pepera-Hibbert leading the group in recognizing ectopic pregnancies and scanning more than 23 patients in one go.

“The trainees have been very ready and very attentive.” said Dr Janet Horenstein, who worked with Project Lead Dr Anthony Johnson at Old Tafo Hospital. “They are still not at level they should be, but hopefully with more scanning they’ll get there soon.”

Sonographer and trainee Prince Owusu scanning with new skills thanks to guidance of Sarah Stephens
Image courtesy of G.A Baez for ISUOG Outreach

Stay tuned for more updates from the field as we report from Ghana!


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