Having your say….ISUOG Outreach during the World Congress


Outreach Chair Dr. Anthony (Tony) Johnson and Outreach Committee member, Prof. John Hyett brainstorming during the Outreach Workshop (Image courtesy of Erika Rosenbaum)

Opinions count and voices matter; it’s taking into consideration the views of others that help make an international organisation dynamic. With ISUOG Outreach growing, it was time to hear from our most important audience on  the future of Outreach- you!

This year’s theme for the Outreach Workshop during the 25th World Congress in Montréal was ‘Have your say!’. A passionate and dynamic group gathered as ISUOG’s International Development Officer, Gesù Antonio Báez, introduced the concept to them, with an emphasis on how their views and opinions mattered in this session. “We want to hear from you,” he said, “so tell us where you think we should go”.


International Development Officer, Gesu Antonio Baez, going over the plan for the workshop (Image courtesy of Erika Rosenbaum)

The audience was broken into four groups occupying four hub spaces, with each tackling a topic for discussion to see where ISUOG Outreach could expand and improve. The 2015 Ian Donald Gold Medal Winner, Torvid Kiserud (Norway) and Titia Cohen-Overbeek (the Netherlands) led discussions on how to make the most of our partnerships and identifying “friends in the right places” in order to increase impact and promote a sustainable output for projects. Alfred Abuhamad (USA) and Ann Tabor (Denmark) instead brainstormed with their group on developing an ideal template for basic training in an outreach program, while Helen Feltovitch (USA) and Sturla Eik-Nes (Norway) delved further with their group on trying to find out what role ISUOG had with technology in low resource settings.

An interesting concept out of all the groups was the “mind mapping” session. Led by Outreach Chair Tony Johnson (USA) and John Hyett (Australia), the group was engaged in trying to map out on a large whiteboard the clinical pathways that needed to be identified before an Outreach program took place.


Outreach Chair Dr. Tony Johnson (USA) standing with ISUOG’s Education Development Manager, Megan Chard, as they work on the MindMap with the group (Image courtesy of Erika Rosenbaum)

“It felt engaging and I was very motivated by the workshop because it made us feel part of the process.,” said one attendee, “. I’ll totally attend another one!”

The key to ISUOG’s success is teamwork; from the discussions of the Outreach committee to the work of our volunteers on the field, team effort is essential to ISUOG Outreach and therefore it was only natural to work as one in order to generate and develop ideas for taking the program to the next phase. Outreach is growing and still has a long way to go, but together with our supporters, we can achieve our goals and fulfil our mission in improving women’s health.


Teamwork! Group 1 brainstorming around the mind map (Image courtesy of Erika Rosenbaum)


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