Empowerment – final day of Ghana program


Trainee Abekah Adams Jonah of Old Tafo Hospital visibly proud on his new scanning capabilities  (Image courtesy of Gesu Antonio Baez for ISUOG Outreach)

All good things come to an end, as they say. After a compelling five days conducting the Outreach program in Kumasi, it came to conclusion on Friday, 20 November.

There could be only one word to summarise the final day – empowerment. And surely the trainees finally felt empowered as they began to operate and scan the machines by themselves (under the watchful eye of their trainers, of course). Most precious of all were their smiles when they scanned on the donated GE Healthcare Voluson machines and began to understand the images they were scanning, while their trainers exuded pride from their faces in the backround.

The program wrapped up with a closing ceremony at the Regional Conference Admin Centre in Central Kumasi, featuring closing talks from Outreach Chair Dr. Anthony Johnson, the partnering NGO’s Executive Director Mrs. Abenaa Boateng of Women’s Health to Wealth (WHW) and addresses made by the Regional Director of Health Services for the Ashanti Region and the Director of Kumasi Metro Area. The address emphasised the importance of the training to local women and the Regional Director reminded the trainees that their primary mission was to serve the women of Ghana; a mission they should always remember in their practice.

FullSizeRender (5)

Women’s Health to Wealth Executive Director Abenaa Boateng giving closing remarks besides the Director of Kumasi Metro and the Regional Director of Health Services in the Ashanti Region. (Image courtesy of Gesu Antonio Baez for ISUOG Outreach)

Certificates of achievements were awarded to each participant, distributed by ISUOG’s International Development Officer Gesù Antonio Báez and the Regional Director. The ceremony proved to be emotional towards the end as several trainees expressed their gratitude for what they learned and the difference it made in their practice. “You taught us to expect more of ourselves and go beyond” said trainee Alberta Nintang of Kumasi South Regional Hospital.

But this isn’t the last that the trainees will hear from their trainers. Following the program, the trainees will continue to keep in touch with their trainers via WhatsApp, a popular mobile text messaging app, which will allow them to share scanned images from across the globe and receive constant support and feedback on the quality of their scanning from their mentors in the weeks to follow.

“We’ve given you the tools,” said Dr. Johnson in his closing speech, “it’s on you to use them.”


Closing talk_Tony

Dr. Anthony Johnson giving the closing address (Image courtesy of Gesu Antonio Baez for ISUOG Outreach)


One response to “Empowerment – final day of Ghana program

  1. Congratulations to all for what sounds like a very successful training effort!!!
    Lisbet Hanson

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