Day 4: Putting theory into practice at South Kumasi Hospital

Outreach continues for its 4th day of training in Kumasi, Ghana. Today, we’re following the group to South Kumasi Hospital where an exceptionally large amount of gynecology cases were presented today – which came in handy as the group has just learned tips and tricks for conducting a transvaginal scan! Local ISUOG Trainer Buah Hamilton showed, the benefits for identifying both gynecological and obstetrical issues were numerous.Ghana4


Guided by both ISUOG trainer Buah Hamilton and GE Healthcare’s Tammy Anderson, the group identified cyst growths in patients and a peculiar case of an infantile uterus in a 15-year-old patient, resulting in discussion amongst the group on what the follow up and next procedure should be.Ghana3

There was also a “lunch lecture” by Buah Hamilton over scanning the Gyne patient which helped put a lot of the hands on training into focus theoretically.


The trainees have been demonstrating so much enthusiasm and really putting their newly acquired skill into practice. With tomorrow being the last day, it will be impressive to see what they’ve learned throughout the week and get a feel on how they plan to hone their skills in going forward.


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