Daily Archives: 18 November 2015

Day 3: “I want to keep this up,” said trainee Evelyn Britum

It’s day 3 of ISUOG Outreach in Kumasi, Ghana and today we’re following the trainers in Suntreso Government Hospital. ISUOG Trainer Yusif Yacub began by covering tips for conducting a transvaginal scan and a review of scanning the second trimester patient.


The students were eager to get their hands on the machine, so GE Healthcare’s Tammy Anderson helped guide them on how to use the newly donated Voluson E I.


It was indeed an emotional day, handling patients who has not had an ultrasound scan before and the smiles on the overjoyed mothers seeing their babies for the first time on the machine only motivated the trainees to learn more and continued scanning.


“It was beautiful,” said trainee Evelyn Britum, her eyes widening and gleaming with excitement from the reaction to the mother’s face to the image, “I want to keep this up.”

And keep up they will! Stay tuned we continue our program in Ghana!