ISUOG Outreach in Ghana: Kicking off day two!

Each of the trainees spread out to different regional hospitals this time to take a group of 8 trainees with them for hands-on work.Ghana4

Today, we’ll be focusing on Old Tafo Hospital located in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood of Kumasi. Droves of patients waited for the ISUOG team near the manicured courtyard of the hospital, dressed in their colorful garments that reflected the tradition of the Ashanti region. The trainees were as excited as Janet Horenstein and Tammy Anderson and guided the group on using the new GE Voluson P8 machine, which was donated to the hospital. “These trainees are both enthusiastic and passionate about scanning and making a difference in the lives of women,” says Gesù Antonio Báez, ISUOG’s International Development Officer who’s reporting from Kumasi. “It’s inspirational and promising for the future”.Ghana7

The training session also helped reveal a heart defect in a 3rd trimester patient, prompting the trainees to take action in advising an emergency C-Section and careful monitoring once the baby is born.


“I’m loving this new machine,” says Adams Abekah who is based in Old Tafo, “but I’m excited to learn more and [perfect the techniques.] That is my dream.”

Stay tuned as we visit the trainees in the other hospitals in the Kumasi Metro region!


3 thoughts on “ISUOG Outreach in Ghana: Kicking off day two!

  1. I miss seeing all my friends in Kumasi. Happy scanning!

  2. Incredibly important job, congratulations! We look forward to partnering with you in the future.

  3. wonderful to see familiar faces and also new ones! Hello Annie and Janet 🙂 It is also exciting to see trainees as trainers 🙂
    Great news about Volusons as well. Great job GE 🙂

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