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Milestones: ISUOG’s role is to become the bridge in education


(Image courtesy of ISUOG Outreach – Somaliland)

Paulina Stachnik is ISUOG’s Events and Education Assistant. Passionate about delivering high quality educational resources, she has worked as a teacher on three continents and completed her MSc in International Development in 2014 at the University of Edinburgh. She believes that comprehensive education and skills building are the key to long-term and sustainable growth around the world. As a result, she’s chosen to share how her passion and education mix in with ISUOG’s overall mission.


Milestones are a unique occasion for pause and reflection. While ISUOG has done little in terms of slowing down, with a growing list of 13,300 members, 25 years marks a significant chapter in the journey of an organization with humble origins and mindful values: quality, innovation, leadership, and learning.

Milestones are also an opportunity to come full circle and to gauge our progress, not only by how far we have come from the starting line, but also by how true we have remained to the ideas that have sparked ISUOG’s conception. As new initiatives continue to take form, ISUOG remains mindful of the most valuable—and renewable—resource it offers: education.

Picture this: one doctor in Ghana region attends a course on prenatal genetics via live streaming. She shares the knowledge with ten colleagues at her hospital; each doctor scans fifteen women every day—two spot an anomaly they would have otherwise not known about.

One Chinese trainee’s newly acquired knowledge of a Doppler technique shifts the direction of a fetus’ development, significantly increasing the chance of the recommended treatment’s success.

A case study presented by a young Turkish researcher starts a conversation between two doctors who come to a conclusion about an unresolved diagnosis.

ISUOG’s role is to become that bridge—for sharing knowledge, progressing research, encouraging discussion, redefining expertise—and after a quarter of a century, that bridge links a community of medical professionals in 126 countries. Momentum continues to build—ISUOG’s online CME platform makes learning a click away, as easily accessed from a suburb of Doha as a home office in London; translated guidelines make critical information clearly understood in native tongues; over 730 scientific abstracts for the 2015 World Congress in Montreal arrived from every continent.

Soon, it’ll be time for a birthday cake and birthday wishes. Though 25 candles may not be needed, as ISUOG’s ultimate goal of making comprehensive education and training for all professionals, anywhere in the world, is becoming a reality.

And we’re just getting started.