eBook for Outreach: a practical approach


In dealing with the ISUOG Outreach Program, one of the main struggles for most countries in the developing world is to find proper resources to teach basic skills in ultrasound for obstetrics and gynecology. In many regions, such as in North Africa (most particularly in Egypt and Algeria), it’s not common to be offered training in gynecological ultrasound within a university context and if it is, it’s not sstandardizedbetween the institutions, rendering it difficult to keep up the consistency in quality.

Realizing this, ISUOG’s Outreach Committee Chair, Dr. Alfred Abuhamad and several other notable names in ISUOG (Prof. Rabhi Chaoui, Dr Philippe Jeanty and Prof. Dario Paladini) joined forced to produce the new eBook entitled Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology: a Practical Approach.

This eBook provides a thorough description of each trimester through multiple gestations as is intended to be used in both within outreach and in a basic developmental program settings.

Already, the eBook has been met with much success. After it was well received at the Outreach Workshop in Barcelona, Spain during ISUOG’s World Congress, it has been downloaded more than 4, 300 times to date and it has also been used for the first time used within an outreach setting when ISUOG supported an Outreach workshop in Darwin (Northern Territory), Australia. It is also currently being translated into multiple languages and has been adopted in Kiev (Ukraine) to provide basic training, thanks to the effort made by ISUOG’s Ambassador to Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia – Dr. Fred Ushakov.

With the ISUOG Outreach program expanding, we’re looking forward to seeing where this eBook will lead in providing standardized ultrasound training.


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