Day 5: another successful trip, thank you to everyone involved!

The Mongolia 3rd level training has now come to a close with the last morning of lectures having taken place earlier today. Dr. Philippe Jeanty, the trip leader, shares some of his thoughts:

“Everything went well! The trainees did a great job, so much so that their post-test scores almost doubled. The KSUOG team were excellent and a delight to be with; the local team, led by Tsedmaa Bataar, made every effort to take care of us volunteers and facilitated great scanning days. We had a ton of patients for the hands on scanning, mostly obstetrics (about 80% I would guess) with a lot of abnormal cases including some cardiac anomalies. One was an absent PV, which the trainees were able to successfully diagnose having seen it during one of the lectures earlier. There were two main translators on site who helped a great deal. I do see language to be a barrier for the future as many speak little English although many are fluent in Russian which might be another avenue for them to get reading material. All in all I think the program was a success!”

Kwang Jun Kim (KSUOG) guides a trainee during scanning

Kwang Jun Kim (KSUOG) guides a trainee during scanning

ISUOG would like to take this opportunity to thank all its volunteers for their tremendous work and efforts, Philippe Jeanty especially, who has served as project lead for all three trips of this program. We also wish to acknowledge the invaluable support of our partners: the KSUOG whose volunteers lent their considerable expertise to the training for each trip, Dr. Tsedmaa Bataar and the team at the UNFPA who provided excellent onsite logistical support and went above and beyond to help translate and facilitate communications on site, and Samsung Medison, whose generous donation made this training possible.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers!

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers!


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