Day 1 of Mongolia Stage 3 Training: introducing the phantom

It’s the first day of ISUOG’s level 3 Outreach training in Mongolia! 18 trainees from across the country are gathered at the National Centre for Maternal and Child Health in Ulaanbaatar to build on the skills they acquired in the previous two Outreach trips.

Our seven volunteer teachers, led by Dr. Philippe Jeanty, have arrived safely and are all set to pass on essential skills in ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology to the local trainees.

The first day kicked off with a recap of the lessons learned in the last two trips, after which the trainees were required to carry out a pre-training scanning to assess the ability and learning requirements of each trainee.

New to this course (and to the Outreach program in general) is the use of a Phantom ultrasound machine to allow the trainees to re-familiarise themselves with the technology.  Using a phantom created by Dr. Philippe Jeanty, the trainees were able practise their scanning skills, carrying out repeat scans until they felt comfortable with the technology. By the end of the session most students could put a needle in a 10mm target at 10cm depth using ultrasound to guide them, with some getting down to a 3mm target!

Phantom scan trainee 1

Check out our custom-made phantom ultrasound that the trainees are using for their scan practice! A clever creation created by Dr. Jeanty and local doctors.

Phantom scan trainee 2

Phantom scan image

An image from one of the practice scans using the created phantom ultrasound

We will follow the volunteers and trainees over the next few days so stay tuned for more updates!


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