We’re back! ISUOG Outreach returns to Mongolia

Сайн мэдээ! – or “Good News” as they say in Mongolia!

It’s to the Central Asian steppes once more as ISUOG returns to Mongolia for phase three of its Outreach program starting on Monday 2 June.

Our Outreach volunteers will build on the successes of the previous two trips, led by Dr. Philippe Jeanty in partnership with KSUOG.

The team will again conduct their training at the National Center for Maternal and Child Health (NCMCH) in the capital city of UIaanbaatar, using the MySono U6 ultrasound technology generously donated by Samsung Medison.

During the last trip, the team conducted theoretical training on the basics of ultrasound for OB/GYN which was also simultaneously translated into Mongolian for the local practitioners by Dr. Tsedmaa Bataar. Interesting topics such as Doppler and cardiac views were introduced towards the end of the training, once the trainees were confident to deliver scans independently.

Follow our trails next week as we uncover new successes and stories to come.


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