Training starts! Mongolia Day 1 and 2

Following long flights and considerable jet lag for some, the volunteers are now in place and have already been teaching and scanning for two days.

All doctors who took part in training last September have returned with most of them having done between 700 and 3,500 scans in the interval which means their skills have already greatly improved!

The team leader, Dr. Philippe Jeanty, shares his pictures from the first few days:

Dr. David Berck gives a lecture. The students can look at the slides either in English (left) or in Mongolian (right).

Dr. David Berck gives his first lecture of the day. The students can look at the slides either in English (left) or in Mongolian (right).


“The fluid in front of the chest is 2 cell phones deep”


Prof. Kwang Jun Kim from KSUOG showing how to get the ovary

Below: Philippe showing how to jump from one section to another by visualizing the fetal position, a skill quite baffling to some.

Tsedmaa, the chief of the Mongolian team, does all the translation with remarkable energy and stamina.



“Very tiny” in Korean and universal sign language


Now it is the turn of the students to answers quiz cases! Sugar (her real name) and Jack (a much shortened version of his real name) are puzzling over a case.


Dr. David Berck during one of the hands on scanning sessions


Prof. Moon Young Kim from KSUOG doing some scanning

Dr. Tsedmaa Bataar, from the NCMCH, with Dr. Philippe Jeanty. She has tirelessly been doing all of the translations, organised for patients to be available for hands on scanning, and provided logistical support throughout.



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