Final day and wrap-up in Ulaanbaatar

After a fruitful week of lectures and hands-on scanning, the week came to a close on Friday. The ISUOG trainers were all very impressed with their trainees and were sad to be leaving them — Philippe felt that he had gained 14 daughters and 4 sons!

After a lovely dinner with trainees at a local restaurant

There were many interesting cases throughout the week, as our trainers explain…

Irina Tihonenko:

We are going to finish our course soon. The trainees are highly motivated to study ultrasound. They are really eager to learn and to try as much as possible. Their progress is obvious.

We had some difficult cases, tried to solve them together, enjoying our collaboration. The first tricky case was considered to be an artifact behind the large ovarium cyst, giving the impression of one more pelvic mass. The artifacts are important to be recognised and I hope my trainees won’t be trapped with this issue next time.

The next very relevant case we got during a Doppler examination (trainees are so much dedicated that they are trying to use Doppler). Doing UtA Doppler we detected maternal extrasistoly. The patient was utterly surprised having said that we examined only her uterus and discovered her cardiac arrythmia at the same time! That was another great lesson: we have to analyse everything we see and not focus on only one point.

Ja-Young Kwon:

The morning was cold on Wednesday (temperture 5C) and some of us came down with a cold. Later that day, we were able to see some snowflakes.

After the lecture today, doctors here at NCMCH came to the lecture hall to consult our team about a patient in the ICU. It was her 14 postoperative day (following C-section) and complained of her pain and swelling in her left leg for the past six days. Our team went down to the ICU and performed leg Doppler ultrasound to evaluate for DVT.

We are doing post test now, i didn’t realize 7 days could make such big difference. Trainees who had scored 5 at the pretest are writing down the correct answers. We are so proud of our Mongolian trainees!!!! Good job!!

Kwang-Jun Kim

My hands-on room today:

Patient #1 at 30 weeks fetal cleft lip
Patient #2 at 35 weeks isolated bilateral femur fractures
Patient #3 Endometrial cancer
Patient #4 Fetal esophageal atresia

We ended up doing level 2 US instead of basic scanning. What a day…

After such an intensive week, the trainees were presented with their well-deserved certificates.

Trainees receive certificates of completion.

Our new Mongolian friends also presented the ISUOG trainers with local souvenirs which will remind us of the wonderful week experienced in Ulaanbaatar even after our return home.

Dr Moon-Young Kim with trainees and Dr Batna of NCMCH

Emails were exchanged and group photos were taken, followed by “see you soons”.

Completion of Level I training!

The team then packed into their cars back to the hotel, as some of us were leaving that very night, but also stopped at the main plaza of Ulaanbaatar — Sukhbaatar Square — where a statue of Chinggis Khan gazes over his subjects and the ever-changing skyline of this booming capital city.

Chinggis Khan

Sukhbaatar Square

After one last team dinner, our goodbyes were said and the week came to its close. ISUOG thanks its dedicated volunteers, the efficient and welcoming hospital staff, Samsung Medison and the local H&H Company for their generosity and of course the trainees for being such wonderful students. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


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