Advancing rapidly in Mongolia

The training team arrived throughout Saturday from various corners of the world to congregate in what is known as the coldest capital in the world — Ulaanbaatar. Though the skies have been blue, the temperature has indeed dropped significantly in the three days since the team’s arrival.

The team had a briefing on Sunday, hosted at the hospital at which training would take place, the National Center for Maternal and Child Health. Many of the group were meeting for the first time, and it was a pleasure for me, as a representative of ISUOG, to find such experienced and eminent doctors making the important contribution to maternal and fetal health education through the Outreach Program. It was also an opportunity to meet our hospital contacts, with whom we had been in touch for many months in order to organise the project. Dr Tseedma, Dr Batna and the rest of the amazing team at NCMCH have been incredibly efficient in making sure everything is in place for a smooth course, and made the team feel very welcome in Mongolia. After a successful day of briefing the team, everyone went home for a good rest for the five days of intense ultrasound training to come.

Dr Philippe Jeanty speaks during the opening ceremony

Monday started off with a meeting with the hospital director and his senior team, followed by an opening ceremony during which the valuable donation of three U6 Samsung systems were made to NCMCH and Dr Jeanty spoke ISUOG’s hope of a successful course in Mongolia.

Mr Mike Kammermeier (Samsung), Ms Manna Kamio Badiella (ISUOG) and Dr Tsedmaa Baatar (NCMCH) with one of the U6 systems donated by Samsung.

Soon after the training started — it was a full house with 18 trainees and numerous residents who chose to sit through the lectures so they could learn as well!

A full classroom.

Although the necessary translation slowed down the morning lectures, it was with great pleasure that the trainers discovered a bunch of smart and enthusiastic trainees eager to improve their ultrasound knowledge.

Dr Ja-Young Kwon supervises a scan while Dr Jeanty observes

As Dr Jeanty explains:

“The morning we had lectures and the afternoon, we had hands-on where the students were scanning. The level is surprisingly high. These guys knows how to use computers, interact with menus and pick options on the US machine. A great pleasure to teach folks like that.

KSUOG president Prof Jong Kwan Jun scans a patient

I feel that in the first afternoon they managed to complete the usual five days of basic outreach material, and this will allow us to teach them a lot more anatomy and Doppler than we had anticipated.It is very rewarding to see how they enjoy the course.”

Dr Irina Tihonenko and her trainees

Well done to the trainees and of course to the trainers who worked very hard all day to improved the student’s skills. We look forward to a full week of good progress ahead!

The trainees, trainers and hospital staff, all assembled.


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