Last few days in Ghana

Janet Horenstein updates us on progress in Ghana:

“Thursday at Manyia hospital went well with more fine tuning measurements and adding some Doppler in the umbilical artery. Another long and rewarding day. That evening there was a lovely dinner with the head trainees, Abeena and representative from MCI. Friday was a short scanning day. In all we scanned 76 patients during the 3 1/2 days.

That afternoon two trainees , Yusuf and Erica, gave lectures along with Dr. Johnson. Of course the best and most memorable part was the presentations of the certificates to all the trainees. They all were so proud and appreciative. Throughout the week there was continued expression that they would like
to have us return and spend more time in Kumasi. One would think they would be glad to see us go since we had them work so hard and a few even have other responsibilities.

Saturday was uneventful with a return to Accra. We had a tour of some of the city sites—independence square, (Niki and Janet of course had to get their feet wet in the ocean), first presidents memorial and an art gallery. Nayana had to depart first in the afternoon–the rest to London and beyond in the evening.”


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