Tuesday at Suntreso

Nayana Parange, training the Suntreso team, shares her experience from Day 2:

Headed off to Suntreso-reached by 8.30 am — received a warm welcome by 5 trainees. Evelyn (midwife as well as nurse anesthetist, she has been a part of the ISUOG training for levels 1 and 2), Dr Hamilton a gynecologist, who has a couple of years of scanning down his belt, and three other midwives-Amelia, Josephine and Jemima — have begun scanning only recently, so varying levels of experience.

Evelyn had lined up about 8 to 10 patients . All the scans today were obstetric scans, most of them presenting late in pregnancy for their first scan. We were also referred an anencephaly-around 26 weeks of gestation, with severe polyhydramnios-AFI of 44.5 cms.

All trainees were eager to scan, to demonstrate their skills as well as learn more hands-on morphology views. It was wonderful to see them so enthusiastic. They worked well together, and all of them got the basic scan views and measurements correctly, I was very impressed with the way they managed to use the machine-and make the most of what functions were available in the machine. Apart from a few hiccups, where the machine did freeze a few times, we did manage to evaluate the fetuses in detail. We also managed to get through a case each in the logbook, as well as going through the trainee worksheets and competency checks.

The day also included a visit to the medical supt’s office, where in addition to the excellent Ghanian lunch which consisted of blackbeans in tomato sauce, along with fried plaintains, he also gave me a mini lesson in the local language. I also learnt that my Ghanian name should be Aamma, as I was born on a Saturday! Had a great day, back to the hotel now, to recap over the day’s events, discuss with the team about how we can make tomorrow’s experience even better for the trainees.”


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