Days 1 and 2 provide a good start

Team leader Tony Johnson checks in with the following account of Monday and Tuesday’s activities in Kumasi:

The Outreach team with Kumasi Metro Health Supt Dr Yeboah-Awudzi

“Monday, morning off to the National Health Centre (NHLMC) conference room. The team, with Dr Hamilton had a day of lectures and live patient ultrasounds.

Niki demonstrates an anatomic survey .

Aside from a few glitches in power outages and cabling for the scanner to AV equipment the presentations went off as planned. The program was designed to build on the previous visits recognizing that the turnover and addition of new trainees had participants that ranged from entry level to advanced sonographers. Six trainees had participated in two previous programs, four in last year’s and four were new to the effort. Despite the heat the group were troopers, staying to the end…0930 to 1800…phew…Team to the showers…

Tuesday, day one in the clinics;
Tuesday morning off to Manhyia. Tony and Janet were well received by four trainees. Erika ( she is familiar to many from previous Ghana trips and the annual ISUOG meeting in September), one physician and two new midwives to the world of scanning. Therefore we had various levels of experience. We had 15 scheduled patients for scanning and another 4 “add-ons”. All in a typical days work. The basics were done (fetal lie, fetal number, viability, placental location, biometry and amniotic fluid). Limited anatomy evaluation was done as per the previously established guidelines.

Trainees scanning at Manhyia Hospital

Tony and Janet decided to step it up a bit and also add a 4-chamber heart, renal artery blood flow and flow color flow around the bladder. All trainees were very enthusiastic and were very attentive to the advice given to them as well as observing the other trainees scanning.

Trainees gather around as Janet explains a scan.

The more experienced trainees also gave a lot of help to the trainees that were just beginning. We picked up a two vessel cord and a set of monochorionic /diamnotic twins. There was a nice spectrum of patients ranging from no pregnancy , first, second and third trimester. A very delicious snack and lunch was served. The group was great to work with and very interested in advancing their skill level. Now its our job to help them reach their goals.”


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