Arrival foiled by football final (but all is well!)

We received the following update from Niki Harding, who arrived in Kumasi over the weekend with the rest of the Outreach team:

Welcome to Ghana

“We are all quite well an any problems have been minor ones. 1) Ghana stops for football! so no baggage to be unloaded until Chelsea match was finished. b) Citilink – don’t fly on Sunday (so no flight to Kumasi) but are starting a new service on Monday! c) Internet does not work on Sunday!

Janet, Nayana and Tony departing Accra with a smile despite delays.

On the plus side we had a good turn out of trainees and we worked them hard today. We finally finished at 6pm having cut down some of the talks and cancelled some of the live scanning. There is obviously a huge difference in ability and knowledge between the different participants on the course
We met Abenaa on Sunday morning at the Royal Park Hotel soon after arriving. We were enjoying a late breakfast after flying up from Accra. She discussed with us the levels of feedback Outreach has had and can expect from the different sites and sonographers.

Janet and Niki

Dr Hamilton (ed’s note –  one of our Outreach trainees) joined us for dinner in the evening, after going through the placenta talk he was scheduled to give. On Monday When Dr Hamilton took to the stage they really got involved – a bit of a favourite I think.

Nayana and Janet sit with Dr Hamilton

Trainees Erica and Yusuf were champions today. Yusuf with the electronics and IT, and Erica with organising the students and the catering and generally keeping the show on the road.

As a first timer in Africa I am soaking up the experience – sight sounds smells. I won’t want to eat Chinese food for a while after living on top of the Chinese restaurant! On the other hand goats grazing in the clinic compound is an idea I may take back with me!”


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