Trip Back

Dr Alfred Abuhamad, Outreach Committee Chair, shares his thoughts on a successfully concluded Outreach Training Course in Somaliland:

“On the morning of the last day on Friday (May 4th), we all had breakfast together on the nice terrace of Adam’s Inn overlooking the city of Hargeisa. We wished Torbjorn good luck on his weeklong adventure in Erigavo in Eastern Somaliland with MSH Holland to continue the training locally at the hospital in the city. He will help solidify the skills that the trainees acquired during this exciting week of training.

Waiting for a scan

Our journey out of Somaliland took us through Djibouti on a chartered MSF flight (see a small video of the landing in Djibouti). We then boarded a commercial flight to Nairobi through Addis Ababa. We had the pleasure of experiencing the beautiful and changing landscape of East Africa from the desert of Somaliland to the tropical landscape of Nairobi. We spent the night in Nairobi at the Woodmeere Hotel in the heart of this bustling and modern city, a huge contrast from Hargeisa. The traffic in Nairobi on a Friday evening, especially in combination with torrential rain was rather impressive.

We are currently in the Nairobi airport awaiting our long flights home. We had the pleasure of a relaxing day today after a very busy and productive week where all set objectives were met.

It is my sincere observation that the ISUOG team functioned superbly and cohesively. All trainers were very dedicated and worked hard with trainees with obvious commitment. As we go back home to our daily busy routines, we will reflect on the valuable experiences that we gathered and the everlasting relationship that we built amongst each other. More importantly the friendship that we established with the trainees is the most touching as many of their personal stories and quest for knowledge is so impressive despite their daily struggle and challenges.

We were ever so humbled by being part of their lives.”

New friends


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