Day 3: Focus on gynecology

Dr Robinson tells us a little bit more about his experience in Hargeisa:

“A delightful evening dinner with Edna was a prelude to day 3. Sitting outside after sunset with some traditional African food had the team in good spirits and replenished energy reserves for more teaching and supervision.

Dinner with Edna Adan

Alfred’s penchant for traditional fire cooked bread was quite remarkable and Lisbet acquited herself well in that department also. Some casual scientific study noted the highly developed Pavlovian response of the local cats, and as the bill was signed they invaded the table top in force, a coordinated classical military pincer attack. Alfred and Julian beat a disorganized retreat, but Torbjorn got some excellent photo shots of the wild cats – fortunately of the smaller variety. Titia steadfastly rescued the camera that had been left behind in the rout.

Well rested, the ISUOG enthusiasts gathered just after sunrise for the now traditional terrace breakfast and planned the day. A full day of gynecological ultrasound curriculum was planned. Again Lisbet demonstrated some deft maneuvering mixing up an interesting agenda of lectures and case presentations.

Dr Abuhamad in a lecture to trainees

The day went well with some lively interaction and academic discussion. Titia received the most valuable player award today for a challenging set of case presentations.

Filling out an ultrasound report

The afternoon clinical session was a busy one and serendipitously some interesting gynecological cases attended to tie in with the subject du jour. The afternoon finished at about 4.45pm and a tired crew piled into the tour bus for the return trip to basecamp.”


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