Strong progress on Day 2

Dr Julian Robinson has sent us the following update (and a friendly jab at Outreach Chair and team mate Dr Alfred Abuhamad). We’re very happy to hear that it is going so well!

Dr Robinson takes a break during a long day

“Day two of the course and all is going well. The day started with a sturdy breakfast on the terrace and an impressive view. The trainers have had a day to find their stride and the students have been completely engaged from the start.

Ectopic pregnancy session

The team is quickly forming a cohesive unit and it is a collegial group. So far there are no problems with language barriers and teaching (at least to our knowledge), but I am sure we will get a better idea about that perception when the post-test results come in.

Dr Eggebo speaks to trainees

To date, we have covered the basics of ultrasound and are know moving rapidly into the clinical application phase. The most essential part of the training is the live scanning and we have been fortunate that the proficient organizational skills of the Edna Adan Hospital has provided pregnant women in abundance. It is remarkable how quickly the clinical sonology skills of the attendees are improving, and we are only on the second day.

It is becoming obvious that the function of the course is not restricted to education as an impressive amount of pathology has been diagnosed. This later aspect of the ultrasound experience gives the local doctors and midwives a dynamic lesson in the clinical usefulness of ultrasound.

Dr Cohen-Overbeek demonstrating a scan to trainees

So all in all, everybody is pleased with the progress so far. Thanks to Saskia of project partners MSF for keeping the organizational bus on the road, a task that has not been without significant logistical challenges to date and that is not to mention the difficulties of managing Alfred. Thanks to Lisbet for been very capable in running the academic syllabus and making it malleable to ensure clinical scanning opportunity is never compromised. We hope Torbjorn’s computer’s sickness is not a chronic disease and congratulate Titia on mastering the local fashion challenges.”

We hope Day 3 is as, if not more, successful.


One response to “Strong progress on Day 2

  1. Danielle Cohen

    Dear all, dear Titia! The photo’s and stories look so impressive! You must have an extremely inspiring time. I can’t wait to hear the ”real” stories, but in the mean time, keep us posted with the blog! Good luck, enjoy,
    Danielle Cohen

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