Somaliland Day 1

Dr Lisbet Hanson has sent in the following update from the first day of the Level II training in Hargeisa:

“Great day! We had 24 Trainees, 18 had participated in the Level I course, 6 were new students. We started with registration at 8 AM, Edna gave us a warm welcome and we moved on to the pretest and lectures.

Ready to start the day.

The team covered topics from How to Optimize Use of the Ultrasound, Early Pregnancy, Ectopic Pregnancy, Basic Fetal Measurements and The 6 Steps of Doing an Obstetrical Ultrasound. Torbjørn and Alfred ended the morning with a live demo on a young pregnant woman (G8P7!).

As 22 patients had showed up early for the hands on training scheduled for the afternoon, lunch was taken in rotation as we moved directly from the lectures to the practical scanning. Four stations were set up in the Outpatient Clinic area of Edna’s University Hospital and each Trainee had a chance to do a scan as well as observe their colleagues do scans.

Titia guides a trainee in her scan

Most of the women were in the third trimester and healthy; some were coming in with concerns of pain, bleeding or uncertain dates. Husbands and children usually accompanied the woman. Unfortunately a third trimester fetal demise and a woman with pseudoceisis was diagnosed but otherwise most patients were happy to have a scan. A young woman with pelvic pain was diagnosed with Mullerian agenesis – an absent uterus and vagina with a horseshoe pelvic kidney was confirmed on ultraosund. The scanning and reports were finished by 4 PM.

After a brief Team meeting, reviewing the day and planning some adjustments for tomorrow, we headed to the hotel in our highly decorated 11 passenger van. Edna shared a wonderfully aromatic gift of frankincense with us as we were leaving!

Riding home after a long day.

Another beautiful sunset and dinner was enjoyed from the roof top.  It is really wonderful to be back in Somaliland with our old and new friends!”

We hope both trainers and trainees get a good rest as tomorrow is another day of hard work!


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