Safe arrival and rhinos

Despite a five-hour delayed flight, the team made it safely to Nairobi on Thursday night where they would spend Friday briefing on the upcoming training and getting to know each other after months of planning conference calls.

Dr Titia Cohen-Overbeek and Dr Torbjorn Eggebo on the way to Nairobi

After a fruitful day of briefing the team found the time to enjoy a short safari in the outskirts of Kenya’s capital, where they encountered a rhinoceros.


On Saturday, the team packed up for the second leg of their journey. They once again experienced some travel delays but fortunately arrived safely in Hargeisa.

Dr Julian Robinson, Dr Cohen-Overbeek and Dr Alfred Abuhamad in Hargeisa.

The team met with Edna Adan at her hospital where the training would take place and to go over some final details that would ensure a successful week of training.

View of Hargeisa from the guest house roof.

They finished off the day with dinner on the guest house roof where they enjoyed the cool evening and picked out constellations in the night sky.

Team breakfast of champions.

We look forward to hearing how the first day of training went!


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