Return to Somaliland

ISUOG Outreach has been busy planning its next training course, where we will be returning to Hargeisa, Somaliland for the second level training course in basic ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology.

The team will be led once again by Dr Lisbet Hanson, accompanied by Outreach Committee Chair Dr Alfred Abuhamad and new Outreach participants Dr Titia Cohen-Overbeek, Dr Torbjorn Eggebo an Dr Julian Robinson.

The Somaliland team, from left to right: Julian Robinson, Alfred Abuhamad, Lisbet Hanson, Torbjorn Eggebo and Titia Cohen-Overbeek

The course will begin on Sunday 29 April at the Edna Adan University Hospital, with participants practicing at the facility as well as in clinics in and around Somaliland run by project partners Medecins Sans Frontieres. ISUOG is very happy to have MSF representative Saskia Spijker also joining the training again.

As always, the team will be posting about their daily experiences while they are in Somaliland so do watch this space for further updates. And don’t hesitate to leave comments for the us in the comments section!

Read more about the ISUOG Outreach  Somaliland Project.


4 responses to “Return to Somaliland

  1. Grait! All my respects to everyone, specially to d-r Alfred Abuhamad! Usefull job!

  2. dr eid m. ali

    HI, i hope that all of teem are ok , i am dr eid(msf burco hospital in somaliland) i am very happy to restart next or second part of training, previous training was very usefull , i get more skills . i hope same , and to start , i say welcome to somaliland, and thanks for your effort , THANKS A LOT

  3. Wishing the Somaliland team all the best, and looking forward to meeting our Ghana trainees, safe travels!

  4. Hello the ISUOG Outreach Group, I`m Dr.Osoble from MSF-B, Galgadud Project, South and Central Somalia, Welcome again Somaliland One year later, i`m ok with to participate the Lavel II of Basic of Ultrasound training and i hope that will be more adventage and Updates than Level I trainig, it`s also my pleasure to see again Dr.Lisbet and Dr.Alfered Abuhamad also the new 3 Doctors.


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