A fond farewell, à bientôt!

The Outreach training course in Haiti has sadly come to an end and our team have returned home safely. ISUOG is so proud and honoured  to have had such a dedicated team on this project. A big heartfelt thank you to Dr Lisbet Hanson, Dr Jean-Claude Fouron, Dr Enrico Ferrazzi, Dr Maria Small, Dr Andrea Paganelli, Dr Frank Sanderson and Dr Samir Khalife, and of course to all our friends at the Fondazione Francesca Rava – NPH Italia for being such wonderful partners to ISUOG, Dr Jean-Edgard Aupont and staff at St Damien Hospital for their unrivaled hospitality, and Physicians for Peace for their continued support in this and all of our Outreach activities. ISUOG is truly fortunate to be working with such great organisations.

We leave you now with some more photos from the final days of the course:

Dr Fouron explaining the heart

Dr Sanderson with a trainee

Dr Sandeson and Dr Hanson on a visit to a Fondazione Rava-sponsored children's home

ISUOG Certificates of Achievement for our trainees!

Dr Ferrazzi presents Dr Dupont with his Certificate of Achievement

Dr Khalife, Dr Ferrazzi, Dr Hanson, Dr Sanderson and Dr Paganelli are presented with commemorative gifts


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