Snapshots from the week at St Damien’s

A young 24 yo at 18 weeks with severe oligo probably due to PPROM. Her first pregnancy ended at 20 weeks after an accident involving abdominal trauma.

A woman with an 18 cm cervical myoma and several other large fundal myomas presents with abdominal pain at 34 weeks.

Severe IUGR, oligo, abnormal dopplers and a long closed cervix sends a woman we scan to L&D for delivery

Dr Small helps an OB-GYN patient carry out her first ever scan

The woman who could not lie down to have an ultrasound because of dyspnea is successfully managed and delivered. Both mother and baby are alive on post op day #2. The mother’s hgb stabilizes at 5.9.

Dr Fouron scanning a newborn delivered prematurely and finding Epstein’s anomaly. The mother dies post partum of complications related to eclampsia.

Dr Fouron and Dr Khalife with newborn

Being awakened at 4:30 in the morning by the call of the imam to morning prayers from the UN Compound next door to our tent hotel.

Lunch on the terrace with the hospital director, Dr Genevieve Arty . Goat stew with red sauce, pickly (spicy coleslaw), fresh potatoes, rice with dried mushrooms, and sliced tomatoes. A cake for dessert to celebrate the successful completion of the weeklong course.

Enjoying lunch

Afternoons spent scanning with the Trainees helping each other to get the best image. Reviewing reports and management plans.

Trainees scanning

The patient women waiting for their scans.

A case presentation of a maternal death by one of the Trainees as a test run for the SFMFM meeting in Dallas. The lively discussion following.

St Damien staff presenting a case

A visit to the University Hospital (HUEH).

The celebration and speeches at the opening of a renovated Maternity.

A visit to a children’s home where they live a dozen to each container and are thankful to have a bed of their own.

Dr Hanson and friends

Appreciating, admiring, respecting the Haitian art, music, food and especially Haiti’s people.


— Dr Lisbet Hanson


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