Day One at St Damien: Friends reunited

ISUOG is delighted to report that the training team have arrived in Haiti and have enjoyed a great first day! Here is an update from team leader Dr Lisbet Hanson:
“We all made it to St Damien’s, received a warm welcome from a group of multinationals including our old friends and partners with the Francesca Rava Foundation.

Old friends reunited

We settled into our military style tents with 6 cots to a tent and withith a sleeping bags unrolled and mosquito nets in place, we enjoyed a local Hitian dinner together before falling into a restless sleep.

Dinner at the Francisville restaurant

Glamping it up in Port-au-Prince!

The morning started early at  5 AM as the compound slowly awakened. Cold showers, corn flakes and coffee. Then off to the conference room where people were arriving. It was wonderful to see our friends again! We had 5 new trainees, 3 are third year OBGYN Residents from the University. Fr Ric’s said a prayer and benediction in both Creole and English, and Dr Viala, Director of the University Hospital OBGYN Residency Program gave a lengthy welcome and after brief introductions to the ISUOG Team, the Pretests were given.

ISUOG Training Pack

Dr Frank Sanderson gave the first lecture on Review of Ultrasound Physics. It was clean and direct.

Dr Samir Khalife reviewing normal fetal anatomy

Dr Samir Khalife followed with an excellent Review of Normal Anatomy, Professor Andrea Paganelli gave a comprehensive review of the second Trimester Ultrasound, then Professor Jean-Claude Fouron gave a wonderful talk on the examination of the fetal heart and the responsibilities of the first line sonographer. Dr Maria Small topped off the morning with her Review of Amniotic Fluid and Placental Abnormalities.
The afternoon was spent scanning at 4 stations in a large room that was well ventilated and divided for privacy.

Dr Jean-Claude Fouron, Dr Andrea Paganelli and Dr Maria Small gather around a trainee and his patient

We saw 31 patient, a mix of obstetrics and gynecology. A 24 week anencephalic with polyhydramnios, a woman with a positive pregnancy test, empty uterus and pain with suspected ectopic, patients with myomas and ovarian cysts, an 18 weeker with cervical funneling and cervical length of 1.5 cm and many re dating scans were part of the mix.
The trainees demonstrated their skills, getting great images of the basic exam, writing reports and starting to learn how to do the examination the fetal heart.

Dr Fouron, fetal heart expert, guides a trainee

The ISUOG Trainers gave each other breaks and the Trainees helped each other to complete each exam,  review results with the patient and make follow up plans as needed. It was an atmosphere of excitement and learning.  We finished by 6:30 PM. A really brilliant day!

Dr Khalife and trainees study an image

A shower is next in line. Then dinner and a review of tomorrow’s lectures which will be a GYN day.”

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