Training at Manhyia Hospital, Kumasi, Ghana

Dr Christian Bamberg tells us about his experience at Manhyia District Hospital:

Dario demonstrates planes to Dr Nixon

The second day at Manhyia Hospital. Dario Paladini and I have been carrying out hands-on ultrasound  training with  three trainees. The Acuson machine is, following a back up yesterday, working properly.

Christian trains Patricia

For most of the patients it is the first sonography during pregnancy, which means that pregnancy dating and confirmation of EDD is a main topic. The level of the ultrasound scanning is basic, focusing on vitality, presentation, amniotic fluid level, placental location and biometry. But like the previous day the we and the trainees are well motivated to go further, step by step, with the standard view for fetal scanning. We also helped scanning a few gyne patients.

The Manhyia team, from left to right: Dr Nixon, Dr Christian Bamberg, Prof Dario Paladini, Erica and Patricia

Today is  African Union Day, but the OPD is still overcrowded and traffic terrible.


2 responses to “Training at Manhyia Hospital, Kumasi, Ghana

  1. HI ALL,
    Thanx for dedicating your time to teach us so much within a few days. I guess some of you it was your first time here, we appreciate your selfless effort and the wonderful heart and patience you had.Oh! Dario wld say, Patricia where is the baby of the head? and Christian,take your time we are not in a hurry.Nayana we met once, but u were wonderful,Toni and the lady in red glasses(forgive me i forgot the name), u guys were wonderful and Ann,good to hve you here again.Manna, you added spice to the team.Thank you all and hope to see you here again.My greetings to Abdul and Lisbet, thanx a lot.

  2. Please l will like to be train in sonograhy course.
    How do l contact the department

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