Dr Nayana Parange tells us about the progress her trainees have made at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital (MCHH) and her personal experience with the Outreach project:

Day 3:
Today was African Union Day – a day for celebration for Africa. It was a public holiday but, we were pleasantly surprised to see that our trainees had organised a full ultrasound clinic and were keen to get started. Today the trainees seemed more confident with their machine skills and scanning technique. We also helped them complete their trainee workbooks and logbooks. After the scans, Dr Annie took us on a tour through the hospital. We were shown the labour ward, the mini theatre, the children’s ward and the malnutrition ward. My heart went out the brave little warriors battling malnutrition and disease. Before we dispersed, the trainees also prayed together, thankful for the training they were given, amongst other things. It was a very moving and humbling experience.

Yusif proudly displays his ISUOG trainee membership certificate

Back at the hotel after four days of Chinese food, on general consensus, we decided to eat at a different place – no more tofu tonight! (Manna and I had been dubbed by Karen as the ISUOG tofu team!) We dined at the Golden Tulip, which is an international hotel.

We recapped the events of the last few days. Tony and I were staying back until Saturday as the rest were returning home on Thursday, so we discussed our plan for the next few days. The evening started on a light note and we became a bit emotional as Ann thanked and acknowledged us all for our contribution to the project – and the discussion moved on to how this work could be followed up next year.

The MCHH team, from left to right: Cecilia, Dinah, Yusif, Dr Nayana Parange, Dr Annie Opoku, Dr Ann Tabor and Zeinabu

Ann had kindly brought us all little gifts from Denmark – little red toys which beam, nod and bounce happily and which are aptly named “Hoptimists” – reminding me to be positive no matter how daunting the task. Happy Mr Hoptimist will have a special place on my desk in my office, and will always remind me of the lovely people I met and the new friends I made in Ghana.


One response to ““Hoptimistic”

  1. We thank Prof.Ann and her wonderful team for their meticulous tutelage and inspiration in sharpening the crooked edges of our scanning skills in our part of the world.God bless you all.

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