Haiti training continues, soon to come to a close

Today’s post from Haiti is provided by Tamara Stampalija:

Today’s course started with a great live scanning presentation held by Alfred. The participants heard about tips and tricks on ultrasound and how to improve ultrasound image quality. They really appreciated this practical presentation.

Live scanning session

Live scanning session

Around 11 am, Profs. Ferrazzi and Abuhamad  left us to attend the National Haitian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology as invited speakers.  Lisbet, Maria and I, stayed at St. Damien and continued with afternoon scanning. Despite more than 40 patients and our “oven” scanning rooms, the trainees again showed a lot of enthusiasm for the hands-on session. For the  majority of them the improvement was indeed amazing.


Patients running to queue for their ultrasound


Trainees scanning in the afternoon session

This is my first outreach experience, and unfortunately it is coming to an end. I met wonderful people and colleagues. It was an extraordinary experience and the only thing I can say is that I am already looking forward to the next trip.


Wonderful colleagues, from left to right: Lisbet Hanson, Maria Small and Alfred Abuhamad

Great experience

A great experience!


One response to “Haiti training continues, soon to come to a close

  1. i want to be a trainee

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