Ghana training continues at multiple sites

A quick update (via SMS) from our team in Ghana as the usual internet connections are down… Wednesday was the second day of training at the three different hospitals – Ann and Nayana at MCHH, Dario and Christian at Manhayia and Tony and Karen at Suntreso.

At the end of another long but satisfying workday all the trainers reported great progress amongst the trainees.  It has become clear after two days in the local setting that there is a need for more gynecology training and also a need to ensure that all midwives are trained on what ultrasound means for their practice, what information can be derived from the scans and how to interpret it.  The Ghanaian national health insurance scheme allows for every pregnant woman to have two scans – a fantastic opportunity but a lot of work to be done!

The trainees and hospital management are enthusiastic to maintain the momentum gained through ISUOG training.  We are looking forward to continuing the work here, even from far away.   Most of the team are leaving for the airport now to go back to Accra, leaving Tony and Nayana to continue to support trainees through the weekend.  Our next trip is scheduled for March 2012 to give everyone time to really put ultrasound into clinical practice and to devise a reporting system.  We will post more personal accounts from the trainers as soon as we have connection again!


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