Another busy day for the ISUOG Haiti Outreach team

We started the day at 7 am by attending mass at St Damien’s chapel. Father Ric, the hospital director as well as a physician and priest, gave a lovely funeral service for Anike, a young girl who had died from severe dehydration due to cholera. Her little cloth wrapped body lay on the cool stones in front of the alter with a single pink flower placed on the shroud. Fr Ric read the names of 10 other children who had died at St Damien’s in the past 24 hrs and spoke passionately about poverty, access to care and the gap between them that brings help too late to many here. It was quite moving and a reminder that although not in the daily news at home, Haiti is still struggling with this terrible epidemic.

At 8 AM we started with GYN lectures, introducing transvaginal sonography, how to write the GYN reports, normal and abnormal findings of the uterus and ovaries and diagnosis and management of suspected ectopic pregnancies. Our Trainees were attentive, participating in discussions and eagerly asking questions.

After a lovely lunch on the hospital porch, we started with the hands on scanning. Our Trainees split into 5 groups and the long line of about 60 women, pregnant and possibly pregnant, were each evaluated. The Trainees coached each other, reminding the one scanning how to hold the probe properly, where to put the calipers and access the report. Many pregnancies were redated as LMPs were uncertain. Several miscarriages, a PCOS patient, women with abnormal uterine bleeding, but mostly healthy pregnancies were scanned.

At 5 PM there was a lovely opening ceremony celebrating the ISUOG training effort. There were speeches by Fr Ric, Dr Arty the Hospital Administrator, Dr Jean Edgard Aupont, Director of Maternity at St Damien’s; Dr Ferrazzi, Abuhamad and myself from ISUOG; three national anthems were sung (Italian, American and Haitian). There was food, wine, music, laughter and conversation. A celebration of life and the new partnership. It was a lovely evening with a cooling breeze after a very hot day.

Back at Operation Blessing’s comfortable and secure Relax Hotel, we enjoyed a late dinner and conversation with each other and the those living and working on disaster relief more permanently at Relax. A sudden down pour cooled us off further.¬†Another day of ISUOG Outreach Training was over.


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