Haiti St Damien Hospital training begins


Welcome sign for trainers and trainees

Our first day in Haiti went quite well. We started in the morning at 8 am with a series of lectures introducing ISUOG outreach followed by a pretest on first and second trimester ultrasound. The lectures included a basic lecture on ultrasound physics, first trimester ultrasound for pregnancy dating, abnormal pregnancy and a part of the second trimester presentation . Following an elaborate lunch that was provided by the hospital, we spent the afternoon in hands-on scanning of Ob and Gyn patients.


Trainer Tamara Stampalija with a trainee scanning

We had more patients scheduled than expected as we ended up scanning more than 60 patients in 4 stations.


Patients queuing for scanning

Overall, the day was very productive, the trainees were very attentive and portrayed good basic skills in ultrasound. We are looking forward to the rest of the training this week.


Trainees in lectures

The team is near exhaustion following a long scanning session this afternoon in the heat of late spring in Haiti. Overall, the trainers are very excited about the progress of the trainees. We want to thank the RAVA foundation for their support, St Damien hospital for great arrangements, SMFM for sending Maria to join our team and Operation Blessing International for great hospitality at our accommodations.


From left to right: Trainers Tamara Stampalija and Lisbet Hanson


From left to right: Trainers Maria Small and Tamara Stampalija


3 responses to “Haiti St Damien Hospital training begins

  1. Fabulous job to all trainers! Teaching to save life’s is a gift.

  2. Barbara Del Prince

    So wonderful to see the progress!

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Rose Berline Jasmin

    I’m very proud to participate in the course ultasound at St Damien. It’s one of my best experience; Thanks for everything and your support for Haiti.

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