Two more exciting projects coming up!

ISUOG Outreach is excited to announce two upcoming Outreach trips: a second visit to Kumasi, Ghana, and a first Outreach visit to St Damien Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Both courses will start on Monday 23 May 2011 and will last all week.

The Kumasi, Ghana project will once again be lead by Professor Ann Tabor, whom you all may know as the current President of ISUOG. Prof Tabor will be accompanied by Prof Dario Paladini, who was also involved in the first trip, and an exciting team of new faces: Dr Anthony Johnson (USA), Dr Karen Reinhold Wojdemann (Denmark), Dr Nayana Parange (Australia) and Dr Christian Bamberg (Germany).

The training will take place once again with our NGO partners, Millennium Cities Initiative, and our logistical partners Physicians for Peace. The training will be using the machines that were generously donated in September 2010 by Siemens.

Twelve trainees who participated in the course in September 2010 will take part once again in this second training. They will be coming from Suntreso Hospital, Manhiya Hospital and Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

The Haiti project will be taking place at the NPH St Damien Hospital in Port-au-Prince. This is a new Outreach project in Haiti for ISUOG, and we are lucky to be working with some very well-respected and generous project partners: NPH Italy –  Francesca Rava FoundationSMFMOperation Blessing Internationaland Physicians for Peace. The trainees will be coming mostly from St Damien, but we are also delighted to have five trainees from MSF sites in Port-au-Prince as well.

The project will be led by Dr Lisbet Hanson, who will be accompanied by Dr Alfred Abuhamad (Chair of the Outreach Committee), Dr Maria Small (representing SMFM), Prof Enrico Ferrazzi (Rava Foundation) and Dr Tamara Stampalija (Rava Foundation). Dr Small, as an SMFM representative, will also be lecturing about other issues not directly related to ultrasound in OB/GYN.

We will once again be reporting on this blog from the field with our day-to-day impressions, training reports, photos and more, so do check back with us soon! If you would like to get these updates emailed straight into your inbox, please subscribe by using the subscribe to this blog link on the right.

And once again, thank you all for your support!


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