Progress and mother’s care

Today, Dr Nekrasova wrote in with her impressions of the training. We’re delighted to hear that the trainees have made such great progress!

“Today was our fourth day of the training since the departure of Lisbet, Alfred and Philippe. Jude went to another hospital to train the staff there and I was alone with my trainees. Everyday I see the difference — little by little our trainees are becoming more confident with the scanning.

Today was a great day for me — I really enjoyed to see how two of my trainees, Dr Said and Dr Tamaj, were doing the measurements and they were showing me perfect skills in finding good images for the biparietal diameter, abdominal circumference and femur length. I didn’t need to tell them anything — just “good”, “fine” and “excellent”. Some people still have  some problems with measuring femur length, but now they have their colleagues to help them — those who have learnt faster now help others to find the right button in the machine or to write the ultrasound report. Tomorrow is our last day of training but I told my trainees today, I can go home now…they don’t need me any more!

Above all I must say that I am very glad to be here and to have met new friends… Some people were very skeptical when I was planning to go to Somaliland, some said that it would not be safe or that this training would not make any difference to the healthcare system here. But I went to Hargeisa, I met Edna, I met midwives and doctors at Edna’s Hospital and I see that, for these people, it will make a difference! Many thanks to Edna —  what a great woman she is! I really feel at home with her, and she cares for all of us like a mother… She will always be in my heart and this Outreach trip has been one of the best things I’ve ever done in my professional life!”


One response to “Progress and mother’s care

  1. Lisbet Hanson

    Katya- you were an invaluable member of our outreach team! Great job! Lisbet

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